Photographer of the Year Points Summary  

Monthly Photographic Competition: 1 image per person 

  • 1 point for entering a print 
  • 2 points for digital file merit worthy score (80 or above) (Submitted 5 days in advance) 
  • Speaker's Choice: 1 point (speaker picks favorite image from all images submitted)
  • 1st Place: 3 points 
  • 2nd Place: 2 points 
  • 3rd Place: 1 point  
  • (ties will be broken by speaker in advance before winners are announced, which is separate from Speaker's Choice) 

Monthly Competition Max Numbers

  • If you were to take 1st place, speaker’s choice, merit print, and enter at 10 monthly meetings 
  • 30 points – 1st Place 
  • 20 points – Merit score 
  • 10 points – Entering a Print 
  • 60 points Max for Monthly Print Competition 

Annual Photographic Competition - 1 print case per person 

  • Images must score 80 or above for photographer to be awarded points for that image 
  • 1 point per case entered 
  • Highest Print Case: 6 points + Trophy 
  •  (Tie Breaker: Drop lowest score and average.  Higher average breaks tie) 
  • Best of Show (highest scoring print) (1): 5 points +Trophy 
  • 1st Place in each category (Portrait, Illustrative, Album): 4 points + Trophy 
  • 2nd Place in each category (Portrait, Illustrative, Album): 3 points + Ribbon 
  • 3rd Place in each category (Portrait, Illustrative, Album): 2 points + Ribbon 
  • Merit scores (80 or above) (4): 2 points

Annual Competition Max Numbers

(Scenario: You enter a case, get highest print case, highest scoring print, 1st place in each category, 2nd in one category with 4th print, and you receive an 80 or above on all 4 prints, and album.) 

  • 1 point per case entered 
  • 6 points - Highest Print Case (1) 
  • 5 points - Best of Show (highest scoring print)(1) 
  • 16 points - 1st Place in each category (Portrait, Illustrative, and Album) 
  • 3 points – 2nd Place in one category (Portrait, Illustrative) for fourth print
  • 10 points – All four Merit Scored + Album Merit scored
  • 41 points Max for Annual Photographic Competition 

101 Total Max Points 

40% coming from Annual Photographic Competition 

60% coming from Monthly Photographic Competition 

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