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Results of our 2017 Annual Photographic Competition:

Album 1 Steve Rogers "Trump Wins"
2 Katie Amber "Tyler"
Illustrative 1 James Debth "Red Leaves Hanging On"
2 Heather Leider "The View We Don't See"
3 Heather Leider "Sunset In The Rockies"
Portrait 1 Katie Amber "The Long Voyage"
2 Valerie Steinkoenig "Cheerio"
3 Marta Gulbe "Refining Grace"
Best Case Heather Leider
Best of Show Katie Amber "The Long Voyage"
Judge's Choice Karen McCoy Butts Katie Amber
Carol Andrews Richard Childress
PG Jim Debth

4 photo(s) Updated on: 06 Sep 2017
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